Compensation Agreement

This is a courtesy translation for our English speaking clients. The compensation agreement in German applies.

I. Compensation

The fee for legal representation and advice is calculated based on the time spent by the law firm. She will receive remuneration of EUR 230.00 per hour plus statutory sales tax for this. Partial hours are billed to the minute.

II. Expenses

Any expenses (e.g. copying costs, postal and telephone costs, travel expenses) are not covered by the agreed compensation and can also be charged in accordance with the statutory provisions.

III. Hints

The client is advised that the statutory fees in accordance with § 2 Para. 1 RVG can be calculated according to the dispute value. The agreed compensation may exceed the statutory remuneration. Any reimbursements or the assumption of costs for legal claims by third parties (opponents in dispute, state treasury, legal protection insurers, etc.) are usually limited to the legal fees provided for by law. Therefore, the agreed compensation may not be paid or not paid in full by third parties. In particular, the opposing party, a party to the proceedings or the state treasury do not have to pay more than the statutory remuneration in the event of victory.

IV. Exclusion of Credit

A crediting of the agreed compensation to any later arising legal fees is excluded.

V. Advance

The law firm can demand a reasonable advance payment from the client.

VI. Due date

The law firm will provide the client with a monthly statement of the hours worked, unless otherwise agreed. When the settlement is issued, the respective compensation and expenses are due.

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